design tuesday : button 2.0

button 2.0 evan gant


button 2.0 evan gant


button 2.0 evan gantDesigner Evan Gant’s answer to the question “When is the last time there has been an innovation in buttons?” …is just now!

A simple design by Evan Gant; I believe the pictures speak for themselves. Conceptually simple, button 2.0 hold your shirt and your earbuds in place.

I picked this design because so many people are too busy saving the world with their designs today. If it isn’t solving a crisis, it isn’t good enough. But there is place for simple things, there is place for day today.

This reminds me of a quote by one of the architects I designed under, he always said ‘Don’t try and go reinvent the wheel, it’s perfect, let it be.’

And I always disagreed in my head. The wheel maybe perfect, but there’s nothing wrong with tweaking it. Let me play around.




button 2.0 evan gant



If we didn’t, we would still be in mud huts then.


Wanna read more? : Check the source here


One response to “design tuesday : button 2.0

  1. Reblogged this on Feng. and commented:
    ERMAHGERD. This is so awesome, simple and brilliant. As mentioned in the blog post, it’s nice to see someone who isn’t all ‘LET US SAVE THE WORLD WITH THIS NEW WATER BOTTLE’, but rather, ‘here, it’s a new clip for your earphones, and it holds your holds your shirt together. perfect? maybe.’


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